To modify the apps.conf.closed file to lockout the users most < Location ... /Location > sections need to be modified similar to this.

Alias /OA_JAVA/ "/d01/oracle/vis11comn/java/"
< Location /OA_JAVA/>
Order allow,deny
AuthName "eBusiness Suite Closed for Maintenance"
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile /d01/oracle/vis11appl/limited_access
require valid-user
Satisfy any
allow from appsserver1
allow from
allow from appsserver2
allow from
AllowOverride None

Add these lines to all of the location entries that DO NOT have a �Deny from all� entry.

Ensure the AuthUserFile path points to the htpasswd file created previously and that all eBusiness servers have �allow from� entries (short name and fully qualified name).